Little Pork Chop 0.48 does #hashtags.#

More Than 250 New Emoji, including a middle finger, coming soon.#

Social Media Slant: Tweet w/o worrying about the 140-character limit.#

An interview I did with Wired Italia last week. A Google translation of the piece, it's quite good. I wish American tech press would be willing to discuss such things. #

Perhaps you have to leave the country to talk plainly about tech, without the bubble-inspired spin.#

Reminder to self: 1. Get more sun. 2. Wear dark shirts. #

Hopefully there will be a human translation of this story soon. It's worth doing (I can't, I don't speak Italian). I also did an interview with the Vanity Fair (of Italy).#

I love this picture of Kawhi Leonard of the Spurs, because it shows the past and the present in clear relief, or at least the past and present of the moment. #

Chris Bosh, LeBron James and Ray Allen of the Miami Heat look on as the prodigy dunks, and they can do nothing to stop him. Because unlike the Heat, the Spurs are a complete team, including a bench, and a philosophy, modesty, focus and a sense of now. #

And Danny Green, last year's Spurs star of the playoffs, who set the record for most three-pointers, stands back as Kawhi shines.#

This year's Heat lacked drive. They didn't seem to feel a need to repeat, so they didn't. #

Now the NBA can reorganize around many teams, not just LeBron and his two colleagues. #

And the East falls clearly behind the West, in every way.#

This will be one of the most interesting off-seasons ever. But for now, we celebrate the virtuosity and energy of Kawhi. It's his day. Good work! And thanks.#

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