Little Pork Chop v0.49 gets total tweet count.#

River4 v0.88 -- includes in lists.#

Scripting News: Life without a smartphone. #

Today's background image is from the demo of NakedJen's bliss bag. #

Grantland: The Mystery of Max Money.#

NYT: Knicks Are Changing, With or Without Carmelo Anthony.#

VentureBeat: Italy is no startup paradise.#

NYT: Facebook Releases Slingshot for Self-Destructing Selfies.#

Guardian: YouTube to block indie labels who don't sign up to new music service.#

Lifehacker: How Can I Avoid Being Overwhelmed With News?#

BBC: Ai Weiwei sparks 'leg gun' photo craze.#

Reading the archive of my blog from March 2003, at the start of the war in Iraq. Now that it appears to be reaching a very Vietnam-like conclusion, it's worth looking back. Was it obvious then that we had no business trying to take over another country, so far away, for such vague reasons? Yes, it was. Will we do it yet again, not learning from our mistakes? Well, yes, I think we will. #

When I talk about basketball players or politicians on the web, I try to remember they are real people, but only up to a point. Because they are brands, and are marketed that way, it makes sense to objectify them.#

George W Bush, as President, was an amalgamation of the ideas of the Republican Party of the 1990s and 2000s. LeBron James only says things publicly that are consistent with the brands he represents. When they say he's an astute business person, this is what that means. If I said something negative that objectified them, I try to be careful not to address it to them personally. #

(Sometimes I fail, I'm human too. And I also have been blocked by people, so I take my medicine.)#

This didn't used to be a problem before social media. There was no way to address a message to the President of the United States or a famous sports star, or actor, in such a way that there was a possibility that they'd see it. Or certainly not on a level playing field like Twitter, where people can converse as equals. #

I have attained enough celebrity on the net that people objectify me, and make personal statements about me, ones they would never make directly to a real person. But that's the problem. They do make them directly. Which makes it difficult for me to be personally present on the net. This is a way in which common decency has not yet caught up with the use of the net.#

I'm sure that's why Twitter implemented the new Mute command. And that's why people use it.#

It's necessary to say this once publicly, so I can point to it later. If you want to make a personal comment about me, publicly, especially a negative one, leave out the at-sign. It really is that simple. Otherwise, you'll get muted. I don't even think about it. A personal comment is followed by a Mute. It's an unfortunate result of not understanding that there is a real person at the end of the handle. And no I don't want to "toughen up" that way. I like being a person. #

PS: I wrote about this in 2011, before there was a Mute command. #

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