Scripting News: Fixing comments? That's not the problem.#

Scripting News: Thinking out loud about Frontier.#

Something I didn't realize until today: editorial people at a big news org generate a link-stream that has value. Just the sites they visit.#

How-to: Fargo Self-Hosted Publishing. (Written by a Fargo user!) #

Video of Anne Wright's SOTN14 talk#

Flipboard: Optimizing Your RSS Feed For Flipboard.#

NYT: Mozilla to Develop Comments Platform With NYT and Washington Post.#

Stephen Covey: "Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply." #

Quartz: And now a word from the people invading your privacy. #

Today's background image is Thomas Hawk's "Trava-Leers Motel."#

DG Meyers: The Mercy of Sickness before Death.#



I was raised to believe women are saints. I've spent a lifetime unlearning that awful piece of propaganda. And here's the myth being passed on to the next generation of boys and girls. #

Truth is that people of all genders come in all kinds. Everyone can be mean at times and powerless at others. I've seen two girls gang up on a boy and reduce him to tears. I felt, as did every other adult in the room, that the boy should man-up, take it like a man, be strong. He was just a little kid! Luckily none of us acted on that bullshit, and we asked the girls to be nicer to the poor boy. #

Ask any women, in private, if all women are saints and you'll get stories! They know that they compete with a bunch of kids in adult bodies who don't play fair. Now, maybe it's time to let the boys in on that little secret too.#

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