Scripting News: If you say racist things.#

SideComments.js is a toolkit to add Medium-style comments to a site.#

It's been twelve years since I smoked my last cigarette. I've become such a non-smoker that I miss the anniversary, June 14, on a regular basis. I remember exactly where I was when I became a non-smoker. It wasn't easy to quit, I used to dream about dancing with 6-foot tall cigarettes. But I did it. #

With all the surveillance of our surveillance state, it's so entrenched it seems, the only solution is to make everything legal.#

Today's background image is an ad for Marlboro Lights, the brand I was addicted to for several decades, and came pretty close to killing me.#

Earlier: A thesaurus web service?#

Wordnik appears to have the API I'm looking for. Word lovers rejoice, something really cool should be possible with this. :kiss:#

Thanks to John Emerson for the link.#

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