Economist: The colour purple.#

Vox: The Supreme Court doesn't understand software.#

NYT: Vice Has Many Media Giants Salivating.#

Today's background image is an aerial photo of Apple's new campus, under construction. A monument to Steve Jobs. I got it from a Facebook post by Scott Richie, who credits "Tak."#

I'm often surprised when pushback comes.#

Earlier today I pointed to a piece on the Guardian site about people winging it, and how that's the normal way things work. A Facebook thread ensued that had lots of valid pushback.#

This is the conclusion I reached...#

In software, not only does the set of scenarios I've never seen before shrink over time, I also incorporate what I've learned into my tools so I don't even have to do the repetitive things the Nth time I do them. So the thesis about winging it doesn't incorporate things like that.#

But they're talking about something imho more profound. You may think there's someone in charge of the world who knows what she or he is doing, but there isn't.#

They're winging it, and so are we, collectively. #

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