A test version of Little Card Editor can now post to Facebook. :heart_eyes_cat: #

Philip Greenspun: Glastonbury Festival for Old People.#

I'm learning how the Facebook API works. Just a few hours in, and I've got a Hello World post up. Next up, learn how to post a picture to my timeline. So far, no need for me to write a proxy server, which was a fairly massive undertaking for my Twitter work. In 2014, all serious web services that want developers, should have a way to communicate to their servers directly from a JavaScript app running in the browser. I was willing to do the work for Twitter because I totally needed to connect. But they'd do much better with developers if they had a quick way to get started with Twitter that doesn't involve deploying a server. And kudos to Facebook for doing it right! #

Excellent short post from Erik Wemple at the Washington Post, quoting myself and David Carr, explaining why, very concisely, what the NY Times called blogs, weren't. Carr's point puts it well: "To the extent that The New York Times does anything remarkable, it emerges from collaboration and shared enterprise."#

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