Scripting News: What's the point?#

Little Card Editor 0.57 has a new Fonts menu.#

Little Card Editor 0.56 makes it easy to break a tweet into lines. #

Little Pork Chop 0.51 fixes one long-standing problem.#

Fargo 1.63 improves the way RSS feed is rendered on Fargo sites.#

Scripting News: Why the Facebook API works better for me.#

Riding my bike the other day, crossing 9th Ave on 54th St. A NYPD van is blocking the bike path and much of the intersection. I have the light, so I go around the van, into the car lane. As I come around the van there's a pedestrian in my path. I swerve to avoid her, but it was close (to be clear, she was crossing against the light). A half block later, the cop van pulls up beside me (again, in the bike lane), the driver says I fucked up. I said I had the light. By the time I could say "and you were blocking the bike lane" they had pulled away. Grrr.#

Had there been an accident, they would have been the cause of it. I don't see how I was at fault. I was crossing an intersection and I had a green light. What was I supposed to do? Stop in the middle of 9th Ave and wait for the cop to stop blocking the bike path? Heh. This is NYC not Minneapolis. #

BTW, the NYC definition of a bike path is a lane bike riders can use when pedestrians and cars aren't currently using it.#

I am a NYT Digital Subscriber. I pay the money.#

Yet I still get promotions via email telling me about the special deals I can get if I act now! #

Interestingly I never get any promotions saying here are some cool things you can do with your NYT digital subscription. That's basic marketing. Citibike does it. Airlines do it. Why not the NYT? #

Don't they have any ideas for me?#

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