Wednesday, July 30, 2014 at 10:48 AM

Scott Adams is right

I want to heartily endorse this Scott Adams piece, especially the part about politics:

When it comes to politics, humans are joiners, not thinkers. reason a computer can't have a political conversation is because politics is not a subset of intelligence. It is dogma, bias, inertia, fear, and a whole lot of misunderstanding. If you wanted to program a computer to duplicate human intelligence in politics you would have to make the computer an idiot that agreed with whatever group it belonged regardless of the facts or logic of the situation.

If you insisted on making your computer rational, all it would ever say is stuff such as "I don't have enough information to make a decision. Let's legalize weed in Colorado and see what happens. If it works there, I favor legalizing it everywhere." In other words, you can program a computer to recommend gathering relevant information before making political decisions, which is totally reasonable and intelligent, but 99% of humans would vehemently disagree with that approach. Intelligent opinions from machines would fail the Turing test because irrational humans wouldn't recognize it as intelligent.

I like to say I am a Party of One. I think for myself, and make my mind up. This seems to confuse people. But I'm confused why anyone with a mind would delegate their thinking to anyone else.

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