New release: Happy Friends v0.49.#

Today's background image is Billy Preston, George Harrison and President Gerald Ford. They had lunch at the White House with the President's son Jack. #

Here's the feed for my Little Card Editor flow. I'm glad these little word-and-graphic creations now have a life outside of Twitter and Facebook. Don't get me wrong, they belong as part of the Twitter/Facebook flow. But we'll be able to do more experimentation and innovation on the open Internet. And in turn may help create features in those services. That's my hope. #

Right now, the card graphic is only represented as an enclosure element. I plan to have a landing page for each card, and the feed will likely link to those pages, in addition to linking to the Twitter and Facebook pages. But first I wanted to get the feed implemented before tweaking it up, and then of course releasing a new version of LCE that gives feeds to everyone using the product.#

And after that, a version of River4 that's card-aware. #

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