Scripting News: What "coder" means and why it's bad.#

Scripting News: Oppose Time-Warner/Comcast merger.#

Little Card: The Beatles say good morning!#

It's a Beatles Wednesday on Scripting News!#

Fred Wilson wrote about the importance of a personal blog. #

A comment I posted on his blog follows..#

#1: Thanks for this Fred. Blogging is important, and doing it in someone else's namespace doesn't cut it. You're a guest. On your own blog you are The Boss, and the buck starts and stops with you. And if you don't like what the technology is doing to you, you can move. If you're writing under someone else's name, you're stuck with them. #

I had some comments here about Medium but didn't think they were well-written and I don't have time to edit, so off to the bit-bucket! :0#


I keep telling the Product Hunt guys to get on board and give me a feed. I'm not saying it because I want it for myself (though I do), I'm saying it because it will fit into something I'm working on, and it will drive exactly the kind of people they want to use their service and contribute to it. It's a great fit. And the cool thing about doing a feed is you never know what someone will do with it. And maybe that's also why people are scared of doing a feed.#

Imho, the only reason not to do it is if you're not hot and you know it. Somehow you're going to scam your way through and before anyone discovers your product is a thin veneer on something trivial you'll squeak by, whatever that means to you. If you're confident that you're building equity, however you determine that, via flow, brand name recognition, position, market cap -- you do the feed, because it helps you build. #

Fear is just frozen fun. Now give me the feed. #


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