Today's background image is the cast of BattleStar Galactica.#

And I have two Little Cards to go with it. #


I used Hyperlapse to record a segment of my bike ride down the Hudson River this afternoon. It was a perfect day, in the low 80s, a light breeze, and bright sunshine. Not too many tourists out on the trail. #

Next one I'll record with the phone horizontal instead of vertical. #

A while back I asked my friends on Facebook for recommendations of a TV series that's binge-worthy. I got a bunch of recommendations and acted on some of them. I tried watching Tyrant, and while I despised the show, I got through all 10 episodes. If I had to sum it up: Hurts so good. The first and last episodes were good. The in-between ones were crap.#

I tried watching Halt and Catch Fire, but I lived through those times, in the PC industry. I know all about the clone market. I did deals with a bunch of near-clones. Funny how there was no need to do deals with the cloners. No wonder they won! Anyway, I made it through two episodes, and just couldn't take it. It's such bullshit! Esp the scenes with the marketing guy giving shit to the programmer. Please. Read my piece about coders and PHBs. I was thinking about this show when I wrote it.#

I will watch Firefly. I'm very optimistic about it. Sounds like a great show. That's why I wallowed in BattleStar Galactica today. I even watched the last ten minutes of the last episode on YouTube. It was so beautiful. I know a lot of people didn't like the ending, but I did.#

Anyway, switching to a different angle.#

It seems Facebook has the ability to do recommendations of shows. If I tell it I love The Wire and Six Feet Under and didn't care for Boardwalk Empire and liked the first seasons of Dexter but couldn't get into later seasons, that a recommendation engine could determine with a fair degree of confidence that I would like Breaking Bad, for example (I do, I loved it). They do ask for that kind of info. Maybe not enough people do it? Or maybe they have the recommendation engine and I haven't seen it??#

There's also a need for a moderated discussion system that's attached to episodes of shows. After I watch a show that aired 5 years ago, I'd like to go back and read what other people said about it, and also meet people who are watching it now. Moderation keeps the spoilers out.#

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