Pretty soon my linkblogging will be cross-platform. Meaning the links will go to Facebook, Twitter (as before) and a new feature-full RSS feed that will make it possible, if enough people linkblog this way, to build new experimental networks on the open web web we all love so much.#

The name of the new product, coming soon, is Radio3.#

And it's not such a "snack" it's actually a fairly beefy piece of software.#

Still diggin! #

PS: The first Radio was Radio UserLand released in 2002. The second was Radio2 a server-based linkblogging tool that ran in the OPML Editor environment. Until today I did all my linkblogging in Radio2. Radio3 is a browser-based JavaScript app with a thin server that runs in Node. The 3rd Radio is by far the best, but of course I'm biased.#

I hate it when people say condescending stuff, and I know what I'm about to say *sounds* condescending, but it's really an observation, in a strictly academic sense. Something I'm learning from watching @JayRosen build up his Facebook juice. Which is a technical term for basically seducing the algorithm, in a way that is fair, ethical, and actually makes sense if you take time to get to know it.#

I just read something by Jay, who I have re-engaged with, now that he's no longer spamming. It was fantastic. Pure Jay, and it contained a link to a video from Jon Stewart, which I will watch, because it comes recommended by Jay, for sure, and also because he introduced it in such a compelling way.#

I also will share it. But I notice that it's already been shared. Less than two minutes after it's been posted. What Jay is doing is talking to his friends now, not over our heads, and we will take care of telling the algorithm that what Jay is saying has value. That's how Facebook works. It's like arguing with the post office, saying they should work differently. They do what they do, and it's different from Delta Airlines, which is different from Penn Station, even though they're all involved in communicating packages of information. Like Twitter and Facebook.#

I much prefer, as a friend of Jay's and a user of Facebook, if he works with the algorithm instead of gaming it. This is a very basic concept, this one seems to apply across all communication media. It's why I don't like the musicians who play in a crowded subway car whose doors are closed. It's why I don't like email spam or Twitter spam. Spam seems to be universally disliked. But hearing genuine ideas from people we admire? Bring it on!#

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