Scripting News: What I learn from my bike.#

Scripting News: Why Zocalo plus S3 would be amazing.#

Scripting News: Come on a bike ride with me!#

Today's background image was taken at the Willets Point station on the 7 line. That's the stop you get off at for the US Open or The NY Mets. Last night I was going to the Mets. They won, 4-1. That also happens to be their record this year at games I've gone to. When I go with Patrick Scoble, their record is 4-0. We help ground the Mets in their philosophy, it seems. They win! Weird. #

Used to be we'd have to wait, at live sports events, while they played commercials for the TV audience, but now they play commercials for us at the stadium too. Even when there was a great play in the previous inning, they have the same commercially-sponsored "stupid fan tricks." The Mets had just pulled a double steal. We couldn't see the replay because they were playing Simon Says with kids, with an insane dancing life-size Dunkin Donuts guy. I guess it worked cause I stopped in at a Dunkin Donuts to get a corn muffin before I went home. But man, we paid a lot of money for those tickets. Do we really have to have commercials too?#

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