Recent Radio3 tweets.#

Radio3 v0.48. In this release, as an experiment, we send full links to Twitter, instead of shortened ones. Seems to work just fine. #

Best. Tweet. Ever: "Nice people are assholes."#

Since everyone is telling Twitter what to do these days, I thought I'd offer a few ideas. They fall into two categories. Things you can do for power users. And things they should do to make it work better for the masses. The needs are very different. Trying to make one user interface work for all of them is making Twitter less workable for both. #

1. There are lots of quick fixes that could be done for power users. For example, unfollow someone for one day. This takes care of people you want to stay in touch with but who are liveblogging some conference you're not interested in. That one feature would earn you a year of love from power users. BTW, the mute command was very welcome. I decided you were listening, at least a little, based on that alone.#

2. Buy Flipboard, or quickly get a Flipb0ard-like product ready. That's what you should be offering newbies. Give them an easy and obvious way to "graduate" into the boiler room, the algorithm-less timeline the power users use (and say it's w/o algorithms, clearly and unambiguously). #

3. Evolve the two user experiences to fit the different needs of both. You need the power users to create content for the newbies. It pays to make an investment in their happiness and productivity. We're working for you for free, I bet that's where a lot of your P/E ratio comes from, btw. #

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