Saturday, September 13, 2014 at 1:11 PM

How Radio3 helps the open web

In yesterday's post I said it's great that the users care about the open "flat" net. This begs the question, if you care, what can you do?

What can you do?

  1. Use a tool like Radio3, which can post to the corporate networks as well as to the open Internet. This way we get a chance to use your links to bootstrap new open networks. You sacrifice nothing, your posts still go to your current subscribers. And independent developers, and startups can try out new ideas. Your tweets and posts can fuel innovation.

  2. Write your blog posts in places where you control the domain name of your site. If you can't put your name on your content, don't use it. That means you can't move it if you don't like what your host is doing with your words.

  3. If a blogging platform won't let you post from outside through an API, don't use it.

  4. Start thinking about running your own news service, combining content from the feeds of people whose links you find valuable. That's why item #1 is so important, so that we all have access to each others' links.

Think of the web as an ecosystem

Plant a tree, drive an energy efficient car, adopt a rescue pet, don't smoke. These are the kinds of things we do to keep the planet and our bodies healthy. The web needs your help too. It's not hard, and it's fun to work with other people, and it either costs nothing or very little.

If you've profited from the open web, put back a portion of your earnings to make sure it's here for future generations.

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