Scripting News: I'm a Narrate Your Work guy.#

Scripting News: What do nice Internet users do?#

One thing people who don't do development don't understand is that the grind of doing something repetitively is how you figure out how it works.#

So when users ask for a new feature that's obviously needed very early in the life of a product, for example, where Radio3 is now, while I recognize there's a need to simplify and automate a repetitive process for the users, for me as a designer, the repetition, the drill of it, is how I will figure out how to address the issue.#

I can't tell you how many times I didn't resist the temptation for an easy quick fix, and then had to live with a foolish newbie decision for the whole life of the product. Two years later when people ask why it works that foolish way, after *they* have experience with the grind, I have to say it's because I moved too quickly. #

I'm now working on something I've already done a dozen times. This time, I see how to organize it. The other 12 times I was fumbling around in the dark. How long did this take? In this case -- 2 years. #

But I did wait. So now I'm fairly confident I have the right answer.#

It's an act of desperation to say someone is wrong because they're too old. I usually try to get out of the person's way at that point, or have a good laugh, and hope they get the joke. #

One thing you can't do, with any hope of success, is argue with them.#

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