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This thought was buried in a comment on Facebook. #

There is a good reason new social platforms don't have APIs. If they had one, no one would use their UI. It's like a protective tariff. #

Also it's powerless to ask another developer to do something out of the kindness of their hearts for users. Mostly they don't work that way. They want to make something big happen. If they undermine it now, they feel it won't get big. #

I know what it's like because I've been there, and I have friends who have been there. That's almost certainly why Google-Plus didn't have an API, for example. It's also why a service like Facebook can have such an open API. They've already gained traction. It's not something they have to worry about. #

The best people to ask for an API are users, who unfortunately don't understand the issues in those terms. The experience it as the awkwardness of a new user interface, and an inability to share with people who aren't on their network. It's as if you couldn't call someone on T-Mobile if they happen to use Verizon. #

What we really need, and I hope to help make happen, is a network based on open syndication of content. Then there is no one to ask for an API, because there's no one in charge. Just like the web. #

I know some people don't believe it still exists, but I do, and I know others who do as well. #

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