Scripting News: Source code in CMSes.#

I remembered the anniversary of my father's death as October 9, but it was actually October 3. It's been five years since Father's Day.#

BTW, one thing I've noticed that's really cool is that Facebook people use Twitter and vice versa. What I do is make that easier and make it work better. And add RSS so that new networks can boot up, for growth in the tech world. It's all part of an emerging ecosystem. Not what the press would predict, they predict war. I predict new ideas. #

There are still people in tech who see RSS as a mistake that must be undone. I am in awe of their commitment.#

They remember a time before RSS, and think if they just don't use it, they can create new things to do what RSS does as if RSS doesn't exist. But every time they introduce these things, the run up against the wall that RSS is. It already does it well enough. And people resist having two systems in place to do the same thing. It's one more thing that will eventually break.#

It's a feature of evolution, that it preserves the path it took, even if "better" paths are discovered later. I learned about this watching the latest Cosmos, where Tyson talks about how our eyes evolved under water when were still fish, and haven't been updated since we no longer live in water.#

If you've ever had hemorrhoids, you know about the cost of evolution. They say we created that problem when we stood upright. Every step has a cost, and better ways of doing it are discovered later. But we are a species whose product is progress. We are ourselves forces for evolution. Our minds are at least.#

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