It's even worse than it appears.
I love it when nations promote themselves as a good place for honorable technologists. Which nation wants to be home to the open web?
My friend @jayrosen_nyu calls it the View From Nowhere. The reality that news pretends doesn't exist. Today the reality is overwhelming, because the envelope that contains the news, the companies that own journalism, are such a huge part of the story, every story. Media has become much more pervasive in the last 20 years. That's why news has drifted further into Nowhere, and it's become more of a fantasy. #
Dear US friends, if you ever shake your head and wonder what's become of our country, the answer is
If news is going to work it's going to have to bite the hands that feed it. It's hard to imagine that happening.#
  • Its only purpose is to be here so it can be rendered in the demo so I can see what a consecutive pair of titled items looks like.#
  • It reads the JSON file for this outline, and processes it into pages of a blog.#
  • Each page is a day. #
  • Permalinks on each item.#
  • Items can be single headlines with no subs.#
    • It appears in the feed as a item with no title.#
  • Or a headline with subs. #
    • The headline is the title of the item in the feed. #
  • For now the pages are stored at /
  • Calendar structured folder. #

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