Experimenting with a personal Twitter
An experiment using Slack to prototype what it would be like to join all the flows from a person or a small group of bloggers into a single realtime channel.
by Dave Winer Tuesday, May 16, 2017

An experiment with blogging and news.

As you know, I've been working on yet another version of Scripting News. This one is based on the way the site worked at the very beginning. Very free form, written in an outliner, I get to use all the features of HTML, the posts can be long or short, have titles or not, include as many links as I want. 

I've been blogging over there for the last few days and it feels good. It also feels good to write longer pieces here, using 1999.io. So I will use both ways to blog, and they will be integrated. If the design is right, you won't know where a story came from. 

Combining flows on Slack

Along the way an item made it onto my todo list to try flowing all the links to a Slack group. So yesterday I cobbled something together quickly that flows all the links from four of my feeds into one flow on Slack. The four feeds are:

  1. The main Scripting News feed.
  2. My Radio3-based linkblog feed.
  3. The feed from my new Old School blog.
  4. The feed from my Flickr account.

I thought this might be an interesting prototype for a Personal Twitter, one where an individual, someone who's very active at collecting links (me) and writing quick posts (again, me) and taking pictures (you get the idea), posts things as they come to his or her attention. I set it up and invited a few friends. I really like it. 

You can request an invite

So I want to invite other people to join the group. It's not for commenting, it's just for reading, but there's no way to configure Slack for that, so it has to be on the honor system. I set up a channel called Chatroom for people to talk about stuff, if they want to. The comment guidelines for Scripting News will apply there. 

If you've made it this far, great! 

And if you'd like to request an invite, post your email address to this form, with a comment about how long you've been reading Scripting News, and an idea of how much you're interested in this Personal Twitter idea.