It's even worse than it appears.
Occam's Report for May 17: They all work for Russia, dummy.#
Today's Daily podcast has a pretty good summary of what happened with Comey and Trump. One thing Comey did right is keep Trump's requests away from the FBI agents doing the investigation. He didn't want Trump to influence them, and he didn't want them picking up any signals from him either. You can say you have nothing to say, but actually saying nothing is far more powerful. #
BTW, there's no doubt Pence is implicated along w Trump, as is Ryan. We don't have any good options, and they're narrowing all the time. #
BTW, Trump is much worse than Watergate. No Russian spies partied in Oval with Nixon. He was paranoid, not naive.#
  • The FBI was investigating Trump and the Repubs. #
  • Trump is the top Repub, offers Comey, the FBI Director, a bribe. #
  • Here's the offer he can't refuse. Comey gets to keep his job if he kills the Russia investigation. #
  • Comey has no intention of doing this. He's going to call the boss's bluff. #
  • He goes back to the office and writes it up as all cops do. (Note: Comey is a cop.) #
  • Comey doesn't know if the threat is credible, but if it turns out that it is, he has his guy nailed. The top guy. No need to give anyone immunity. #
  • It's as if Don Corleone did his own hits. He would never be that stupid. But our president is. #
  • Can you imagine a TV cop resigning just because he caught the perp in the act? That would make no sense. #
  • If Trump was kidding, Comey keeps his job and has no cause to prosecute Trump. But if he makes good on the threat, it's all over. When I said yesterday that Comey set him up, this is what I meant. He must have known Trump would eventually, in an impulse, fire him. He probably was aware of that when he testified before Congress, just before he was fired. It's possible what he said, even the wording, was designed to make Trump blow his top. ;-)#
  • And Trump even confessed on TV! It's unbelievable how fucked he is. That's at least partially because Comey is good at his job. #
  • PS: It's so clean, Comey doesn't even have to recuse. He's a private citizen. Free to testify. #
  • PPS: It seems Trump must have overlooked the fact that he was trying to bribe a cop.#
  • Trump was kidding about wanting Comey's loyalty.#
  • He was joking when he said he would think about whether Comey could keep his job.#
  • When he asked Comey to kill the Flynn investigation, to let it go, he was just being silly.#
  • When he threatened Comey on Twitter he was just having good-natured fun. Same with Sally Yates.#
  • When he fired Comey, that was an elaborate prank!#
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  • All of this has happened before and will happen again. #

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