It's even worse than it appears.
NYT eliminates the public editor position replacing it with a new way for users to make suggestions. The challenge for the Times is to figure out how to tap into the knowledge, experience and intellect of their community. As long as they see us as an audience we will continue to drift away.#
I just tried to record a movie using QuickTime Player. First time I've done that since installing a new version of the OS. It was a good demo, but when I was done I couldn't find the little controller window that lets you stop recording. Fumbling around I did manage after a couple of minutes to quit the app and save the movie. But when I came back there was no audio so the whole thing was worthless. This is why I'm reluctant to upgrade. Apple always changes little stupid things. I end up losing work.#
Innovation. I am now storing the OPML file for this blog in my Dropbox folder. I think I just recreated Fargo. I'll let you know. ;-)#
Wonder if El Presidente does things to hurt the country because his feelings are hurt?#
I get it. Hulu is what you buy when you cancel your cable subscription. #
It comes back like swimming or riding a bike. When I start the day there's a blank section of the outline where my ideas will show up. I press the big plus icon to create a new section and type: Good morning sports fans! I have no idea where this came from. But I used to do it in the old days, so it feels right. Later in the day the greeting might be deleted or move. But at the top of the day it's at the top of the page. #
  • Three reasons.#
  • 1. It's impractical. I don't know what your privacy settings are. So if I point to your post, it's possible a lot of people might not be able to read it, and thus will bring the grief to me, not you, because they have no idea who you are or what you wrote. #
  • 2. It's supporting their downgrading and killing the web. Your post sucks because it doesn't contain links, styling, and you can't enclose a podcast if you want. The more people post there, the more the web dies. I'm sorry no matter how good your idea is fuck you I won't help you and Facebook kill the open web.#
  • 3. Facebook might go out of business. I like to point to things that last. Facebook seems solid now, but they could go away or retire the service you posted on. Deprecate the links. Who knows. You might not even mind, but I do. I like my archives to last as long as possible.#
  • Get a blog. If your ideas have any value put them on the open web. Facebook is trying to kill it. Trust me you will hate yourself if they succeed. Same with Google. #
  • Good morning sports fans!#
  • An interesting morning of programming is planned. To kick it off I added a log of cloud pings generated by my blog, to help JY and Andrew figure out where the bug is. I say this knowing full well that my code is indicted, it's the newest code in the mix. I really appreciate these two guys pitching in. And I'm glad to make the intro. Andrew and JY are two of the nicest most generous people I know in the programming world. #
  • Update: We seem to have solved the problem. Doing one more update to see if it works for real. #
  • I had an interesting back and forth with Don Cheadle on Twitter last night. I quote-tweeted a post of his echoing something I said here on Monday. #
  • If the all-women showings had happened on their own, without a company in the middle, it would have been less controversial imho. And whether or not their intentions are good, the product (a movie) gets exposure. The company profits. Appearances matter. Even though this is all I said, I got called names by people on Twitter. Emasculating things. As if I were saying much more. Horrible things I don't believe and of course would never say.#
  • Check out the headline on this Huffpost article. This is where this leads. You think that isn't abusive? You think men like to be described that way? I think most men shut up when they think they're about to be accused of this, no matter how temperate their ideas or relaxed they are, and of course that's the point. It may feel powerful to make people shut up, but remember they're people and that will breed resentment, and it's probably coming back to you in some way that's painful to you.#
  • All this is happening at a time when we're in real trouble because of decades of divisive opportunism. We are at war with ourselves in the US. We have to learn how to undo the divides and unite in our common interest. We are very sick. It's as if our country had heart disease and refused to stop smoking. There might still be time to turn this around, but it isn't going to happen until this behavior stops.#
  • So have all-women gatherings, as long as they're legal and ethical. And companies should stay out of it. And please, don't make it about humiliating men.#
  • As they say, thanks for listening. ;-)#

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