It's even worse than it appears.
Trump had an opinion re Bill Clinton meeting with Attorney General Lynch on tarmac, so new to this is BS.#
Examples of JSON news formats from the New Yorker and the NY Times via GitHub thread. This is valuable prior art. #
Ken Smith quoting Sara Ahmed: "If you have to shout to be heard you are heard as shouting. If you have to shout to be heard you are not heard."#
More people are blogging. That's really cool. Now one thing to make sure of is that people can easily find out who you are from each of your posts. Simple things like your name. Sometimes hard to determine. I am as guilty as anyone about this.#
  • Earlier I tweeted that news is narcissistic when it comes to reporting on the negative effects of Facebook. I believe this is irrefutable. How many articles have you read about Facebook hurting journalism? And how many about how Facebook is hurting the open web? I care about journalism. They should care about the open web, of which journalism is a part. #
  • Perhaps a nice Venn Diagram will help?#
  • A picture named vennDiagram.png#
  • We used to ask What Would Google Do. But now it's more interesting, perhaps, to ask what would Russia do.#
  • Wellllll...#
  • Today would be the day to fuck with the net. #
  • They'd have saved up some real hacks for today. Tested them.#
  • And at exactly the right moment, turn the lights out.#
  • Today is like an old SteveNote, except it's Comey and the product is the United States, not an iPod or new Mac or whatever.#
  • Today is the day Russia would take over the world communication system.#
  • Just take out Facebook and Twitter. That would do it.#
  • And what would Russia do while the net is down?#
  • Well, pretty much anything they want!#

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