It's even worse than it appears.
A memoir: Techno-utopianism in the 90s. No regrets. #
If you think the permanent division in our country's politics comes strictly from the right, here's pundit/lawyer Glenn Greenwald saying not to be generous with Republican pundit David Frum, because we aren't generous with Republicans, even if we agree on Trump. That's the politics of division. That's the problem right there. We need to start listening, to everyone. Because you never know who your newest ally will be. I don't like Greenwald, it's true, and it's because he is one of the worst listeners I've ever encountered. Totally self-contained. Greenwald knows the truth, and can't learn anything from anyone. (My politics and his are pretty well aligned btw, which I know from reading his columns.)#
  • It makes sense Trump wouldn't like the coverage on CNN, because we're figuring out what he's up to. #
  • And then go into it. #
  • He's stealing. Covering up. Destroying health care, eroding America's position in the world. Playing a dangerous game of brinksmanship with North Korea and others. Alienating our allies. Reversing our progress with climate change. #
  • The truth is that CNN et al are covering the biggest political story in American history. The subject of the story isn't happy. That's par for the course. That's the tough answer, and the correct one.#
  • It's also a chance to beat your chest and advertise your product and show some guts and courage of conviction and earn some admiration from the people you serve, who are not exclusively the shareholders of your parent company. 🎈#
  • But you all have to go through that fear. You have a job to do.#
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  • I need an outline in my feed, and this is the easiest way to get it there. #
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