It's even worse than it appears.
Links are spoilers. Think about where Tywin Lannister is at his moment of truth and the title of the show. It makes you wonder. Are they really clever or is it just an accident? (I bet they're clever.)#
BTW, Amazon has Game of Thrones action figures. For example here is Tryion Lannister. Only $10.95. They make perfect right margin images on Scripting News. Expect to see more of them. #
  • I've been thinking about sarcasm in online communication and how rarely it works or is understood. As part of the thinking I did a search for the word on my blog to see how it has come up over the years. I always disclaim it, either way, if I think people will mistake sincerity as sarcasm, or if I want to be sure people know I'm being sarcastic. I think sarcasm usually just gets in the way and is only funny to the person saying the words, so just be sarcastic with yourself, enjoy a good laugh, and avoid the grief.#
  • I had never seen the full discussion on Fox News between Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace. This is definitely a turning point. #
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