It's even worse than it appears.
Good morning open tech fans! 💥#
To people in blogging-tools-land, I have a new proposal for interop this morning, already implemented on my blog.#
Jay Rosen pointed into a Twitter thread that said that news orgs, instead of sending NYC-based journalists to the middle of America, should give the money to local journalists and run what they write. Good idea. Perhaps go the next step, find thoughtful people everywhere to write about what's wrong with the world, and listen. A lot is lost when you have to explain things through reporters. We're limited by what they understand. As a result events fly by without much understanding. #
I just plain don't like it when big companies lecture their customers.#
I hear the Democrats need a core message, how about: "We love America and Americans and the Constitution and we're fighting for all of it." Or hot dogs, baseball and apple pie, or you could do that in the background with farm pictures, subways and highways full of cars. Mountains, the Grand Canyon and the Florida Keys too. #
Why don't the Democrats hold a contest among the people for the new message of the party. That itself might be the message, in a sense.#
I think you have to be over 55 to get the idea of a phone call that isn't scheduled two weeks in advance.#
Tweaked the fonts a little on the Scripting News home page. The titles should be tighter and more clear. #
This happened to me yesterday. I knew I had a contact lens floating around somewhere in my right eye, outside my vision. I couldn't feel where it was, and no amount of tweaking would get it to re-center. So finally I decided it must have fallen out, and put in a second lens. Then I could really feel something was wrong. So I took out the second lens and miraculously the one I thought had fallen out came back into view, and my vision was back to where it was supposed to be. But I wondered what I would do if I never found the first lens and had to live with the possibility that I had it floating around inside there, getting infected and fused and whatever contacts lost in your body do. #
Things are still settling in after the server switch over the weekend. I explained what happened in a comment in the Issues thread. I had a chance to learn once-again the old adage -- If it ain't broke don't fix it. 💥#
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