It's even worse than it appears.
One more thing I like, the node-notifier package. Not a huge fan of desktop notification, but that's a separate issue. The team that did this package did it well, with good examples, and attention to detail. #
The new server locked up again. I rebooted it with the same apps running, but now I'm thinking I have to split it in two. I also have in mind some software that will make that easier. Always factoring. Also might give me a chance to try out the new cname trick we learned. #
Pay attention to this. Something we might not want to let a president do.#
Josh Marshall: "President is accused of winning election by conspiring with a foreign power, now openly signaling no investigation will be allowed. A crisis." Also meets privately with the leader of the foreign power and makes unilateral concessions.#
  • Personal emails still work the best. Of course this makes sense. When I have a project of some importance, sending an email directly to someone who I want to review it elicits the most responses. But it's inefficient. And the more you do it, the less power each email has. #
  • Suppose I had an Node package in development that I think represents a basic technology for news distribution. Do I have to send emails to the people I think of to get access to their minds? And what about the creative thinkers who I either don't know, or didn't think to send an email to?#
  • Our idea distribution system is non-existent. Hacker News is like a nuclear shotgun, there's so much there how do you find the stuff that's relevant. Wait for a reporter to write about it? Well that never happens. #
  • I guess this is the technical side of the Mike Arrington-style product blog I asked for. #
  • I'd like to have a channel that's for serious releases only. If something is a maintenence release, or just the beginning of an idea, it wouldn't be thought of as important. However, when a technology has matured and is ready for other minds to consider it, there ought to be a way to get it looked at. #
  • I guess this is the equivalent of peer review in academia, but it's concept and code review that I want. #
  • A few months ago I started using the Atom editor, and it has proven so useful it's now in the dock on my Mac.#
  • It's an Electron app, which means that under the hood it's a web/node app packaged to run on the Mac desktop. (To say it's an Electron app is a bit of an understatement, it was the app that Electron was developed to run. The two begat each other, a very important software design principle. They factored well.)#
  • It's a programmer's editor. I use it for lightweight stuff, as a viewer for technical documents. #
  • I edit my JavaScript source in an outliner. Sometimes it's nice to be able to view it flattened, so I use it for that (I also use GitHub for the same purpose, funny how they come from the same company). Or when an error message refers to a specific line number, they have line numbers, my outliner doesn't, so I drag the JS file onto the Atom icon. #
  • I use it to view a JSON file when I'm working on code that works with that kind of file. A very handy way to keep it around as a reference. And I look at RSS feeds and OPML files in all their XML glory using Atom. I even use it for light touchups to config.json files for some of my apps. #
  • It's playing the role that BBEdit plays for some Mac users or X-Code, or probably an IDE on Windows. But I like Atom, so that's what I use. #
  • Anthony Scarramucci, a newbie in the Trump White House, who has yet to be broken by the Cheeto-in-Chief, posted a philosophical tweet on June 15. #
    • Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Love like you've never been hurt and live like its heaven on earth. Mark Twain#
  • As we all know that was not said by Mark Twain, which led to an epic tweet-meme of famous things that were not said by historic figures. I contributed my own to the meme-parade.#
    • We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine. Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg#
  • Oh the things we do for amusement these days. ❤️#

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