It's even worse than it appears.
Thinking about General Kelly today. Assumption -- he's an honorable person. He's also now inside at the White House. There isn't anything that's secret from the Chief of Staff. So how long before the complete picture of the criminality of this White House is revealed to him? Hard to believe it hasn't already happened. So if he's honorable, he has to come clean, make a statement to the special prosecutor and ask for instructions. If not that, is there a backroom deal? Can't imagine there is. Who would want to make one if they didn't have to. Priebus was a clown, in way over his head. Kelly has had a chance to watch it from the Cabinet and he chose to go in. Puzzling.#
When smart phones are really smart they will text you when something bad is about to happen.#
The great thing about open source software is that if you want a feature and it's hard to explain you can just do it. #
Had a thought that this year instead of picking a blogger of the year, I might do something different. Like write a survey of the State of the Blog. I should have been doing that all along, really. As blogs got chopped up and turned into corners of huge multi-billion dollar tech empires. So much so that there's almost nothing left. But it's not nothing. So taking an annual inventory probably isn't a bad idea. #
  • When I wrote about my woes with Dropbox yesterday, they were just getting started. #
  • The rainbow cursors were back in force. Then something happened. The fog lifted. I remembered, the whole reason I moved my Dropbox off the internal drive is that the internal drive is broken. I had forgotten to leave myself a note to that effect. #
  • I had a La Cie 1TB external Firewire drive I wasn't using. I'm now using it for Dropbox. Hopefully it will be quieter and faster than the drive I was using before. Whatever. As long as it works! #
  • Anyway, even though I was offline with Dropbox, that truly is an important net connectivity thing these days, I got a lot of good software factoring and building done. #
  • I have been building with Forever as my starting point. I want i to do more for me. It's getting there. And I have factored my Electron functionality so that it can be used in other projects. That's where I'm headed with Instant Dave.#
  • I'm writing this at 7:30AM but have no idea when it will apear on my blog. #

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