It's even worse than it appears.
I've been modularizing my Node work using NPM packages. Murphy-willing I'm going to be writing each of them up, in turn, here on Scripting News. You'll recognize the functionality as the kind of stuff you need to build DaveLand on the Internets in Node. The first one up is a really good OPML-to-and-from-JavaScript package. Naturally this stuff will mostly be of interest to developers and people who might want to become one.#
The way you know podcasting isn't dominated by anyone is at the end of every podcast. There is no single place to go to hear a podcast. (This is in response to a Bloomberg piece that said among other things that Apple dominates podcasting and Spotify is going to challenge them, which I say is nuts.)#
I did a voice memo for Rex about Apple and podcast "dominance."#
I know this is unfashionable for someone with my values and friendships, but maybe the people who blame the press for the mess have a point.#
Watched a bit of Al Sharpton today. He said Trump is of NYC in 80s and 90s. As of course was Sharpton. Sure he knows a lot about Trump.#
I think people want to forget that the US has stage 4 cancer. It's spreading to our bones. Whether we come back is in question#
If you can write a stinging editorial putting down a class of people, balance it with an example of someone in that class being good.#
If a million people say someone is wrong, my instinct is to find what's right.#
If you fight for free speech only for people who agree with you then you are not for free speech.#
Remind me to tell you the tale of goatfuck.js.#
  • I think w3schools does a good job. I use their stuff as a reference all the time for net programming. I was looking at their new tutorial for Node.js and on the first page they repeat the hype about Node that I've always suspected was BS, and now that I have a few years in, I know it is. #
  • Node is a fine environment, I use it as my main server runtime, and lately I've been building a lot with Electron, and there you're using Node on the desktop. I have a love-hate relationship with Node, I'm a prisoner to some bad design imho but it's great to have one syntax instead of two for client and server apps. #
  • But other environments like Java and Python are probably just as efficient as Node without all the crazy callbacks. Their runtimes can suspend a process until its I/O completes. All the other languages/environments do that. It is not something that only Node does. #
  • And Node is not single-threaded! You have many threads. A single-threaded server runtime is impossible. That's one of the reasons I strongly suspected all the hype when I was new to Node.#
  • The difference between Node and other environments is that the others hide the suspending and resuming of your app behind an abstraction layer, and that's good, that makes your code much simpler. In every way imho the way JavaScript does I/O is a major step backwards. But like I said I love/hate JS. I've made my peace with the way I/O works in Node. 🍑#

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