It's even worse than it appears.
Ever get a phrase stuck in your head and you find yourself saying it over and over silently, sometimes, and audibly others? Today, for me, that phrase is the name Millie Dresselhaus. There's a commercial on TV that imagines that everyone is saying her name all the time in weird ways and places. She's a real person. Unfortunately it turns out she died earlier this year. I am sorry.#
  • A picture named skier.pngWell, not really, but in a way.#
  • I remember having a conversation with a business associate who wasn't a skier, who said he liked sports where he got a good workout and that skiing was for lazy people who don't like to work.#
  • I told him he's got it all wrong. Skiing is a very taxing sport, hard on all parts of the body. When I'm done with a day of skiing there isn't much more I can do other than take a bath and eat dinner. #
  • He thought skiing was easy because sheez you just go to the top of the hill and gravity does all the work. I guess he thought it was like sledding. #
  • Programming still kicks my ass after doing it for over 40 years. I still learn new stuff, reach new heights, and know much less than I thought I did, all the time. It requires incredible concentration and memory and creativity to think of ways to do things that you can kind of describe in words but have no experience making work with ones and zeros. #
  • People who haven't programmed think it's like coding. You just code it up like a Morse Code message. Other people think up the ideas, coders do the coding. #
  • Well it doesn't work that way. Not even slightly in the ballpark of that way. #
  • I decided to dive into IAM permissions for S3 and see if I could get a writing tool to hook up to S3 at least in a way that programmers and adventurous users could figure it out.#
  • Basically I'm doing by-hand what OAuth automates.#
  • However -- a simple Hello World program that uses the credentials gets permission denied so there's something wrong in the setup. #
  • Any help much appreciated. 🍎#

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