It's even worse than it appears.
It's Trumps's fault, until further notice. Everything.#
NYC eclipse report: Everyone in NYC stopped. No one is moving. All are looking skyward.#
When I am thinking about "eclipse" the word my brain uses is "earthquake."#
I keep saying don't underestimate Trump. Then this.#
I bet many people haven't heard this classic World War II ballad. #
I'm guessing w/o looking that Trump's religious council consists of preachers from churches that serve white Christians in the south. If there were any preachers whose congregations were not Christian whites from the south, they would have gotten off last week. These so-called religious leaders need to have scapegoats I guess. Doesn't seem very holy to me. Who's responsible for the suffering of white people? Everyone who's of a different religion, or if they're black or hispanic. They have everyone covered. We're all keeping the Master Race down, so they can be more masterful and less depressed. They've been doing this for centuries. Maybe even millenia.#
Dolores Claiborne is a pretty great Stephen King novel that's set during a total eclipse in Maine. It was also a movie starring Kathy Bates.#
I want to try to reconcieve blogging, to make it more like Facebook, but not in a silo. I've been having trouble convincing people this is possible, but it is -- if we believe it can. It really is that simple. Like Tinkerbell and Peter Pan.#
I have a new version of Instant Dave almost ready. It's got a lot of RSS in it, some new ideas related to RSS. Ones I'm sure you'll find interesting. #

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