It's even worse than it appears.
Gooooood morning everybody! 🌳 #
I did a video demo of Electric Pork, on Twitter. When you post a video direct to Twitter it works better than linking to a YouTube video. I had never tried it, never even thought to do it before.#
Really good piece on Gizmodo about why RSS is the best way to get news. Basically you see what the news orgs publish, not what's popular or what Facebook wants you to see (for whatever reason). Gizmodo lists popular RSS readers. Let me put in a plug for my own Electric River, which brings the power of River5 (a server app) to the desktop. You get even more control when you run the aggregator. #
I'm looking at bringing back the tabs on Scripting News. Technically it's straightforward, however on a blog, it raises a question. What about people who browse with JavaScript turned off? Tabs are implemented with JavaScript. I can make the page work as it does now for people without JavaScript, but that means it will be ugly for people with JavaScript turned on. Since I'm one of them, I resist doing that. I'd like to get an idea of what you all think, so I started an issue for this on GitHub. #
Davis Shaver is getting started with PagePark and wonders how to make SSL work in PagePark. I would like to know if there's anything I need to change to make it work. While I am opposed to the dance Google is trying to make us all do, I want my product to work for everyone it can work for. In other words I don't like to do strategy taxes if possible. #
Poll: Would you forgive me if my blog was only readable w JavaScript?#
Interesting piece this morning by Jonathan Chait at NY Mag about why there might be a Dream Act that becomes law now, even though they've been trying in Congress for 16 years. One item he didn't mention -- as Nixon was able to open American relations with China because he was such an outspoken anti-communist, Trump might be able to get Congress to do this because of his rep as anti-immigrant. The reasoning goes "If it's ok with Trump it must be ok."#
One more thing. When Chait took a vacation in August his presence was missed. He's such a lucid thinker and writer. He explains things so well, and finds connections everyone else misses. #
Sometimes when people misunderstand a product or feature they give you ideas for how it might work. Creativity sometimes comes just from not knowing something. Another reason it's important to listen, you never know how new ideas will arrive. #

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