It's even worse than it appears.
It's all Irma all the time. I hope Mueller is still working on Trump.#
This is a good time to comment on user-experience issues with the Scripting News website, because I'm actively working on little cleanups and additions. One question came up, could we have a link from every archive page back to the home page? It turns out there is a link, it's at the top of the page. If you click on the name SCRIPTING NEWS it will take you to the home page. Here's a screen shot. Some things are so "in your face" you can't see them. Happens to me all the time. #
The thing people don't realize about storm surge, and they don't really explain it on TV, is this. If the ocean surges 1 mile inland, and you were on the beach before the surge, now you're 1 mile out to sea. In normal times you'd be pretty fucked if someone dropped you in the ocean a mile from shore. But you're in a hurricane. Huge waves. There's no one to rescue you. And (this is the part that will kill you) there are deadly objects in the water like buildings and trees and power lines, even a rope can entangle you and make it impossible for you to swim. And if you can't swim and you're a mile from shore, that's the end of you.#
Assuming the republic survives Trump, the next president we elect will likely be the opposite of Trump, that is -- not a celebrity, not flamboyant, an insider, someone who will shut up and do the job. So when you hear the Dems should nominate someone like George Clooney or even Al Franken, remember next time around we'll more likely want a bureaucrat, someone like Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. Let the government govern. Let's get the EPA back on track. Health care for everyone. Rejoin the Paris climate change accord. Etc etc.#
People say it's going to be hard to run against Trump. Maybe I'm missing something. Suppose the leading car company produced a car that exploded when you turned the ignition. Or an airline that crashed every flight. A bank that lost all your money. It would be easy to launch a competitor to those companies, why is it any more complicated to run against an incompetent president? You just have to say it clearly. That seems to be the hard part, which is weird because that's what politicians are supposed to be good at. #

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