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Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Good morning day-after-new-product-from-Apple fans. 🍐#
I'm halfway through the second episode of Ozark. It's very weird, for sure. But it's very much a network type TV show, even though there is nudity, strong language, violence. I don't know if they can keep up the pace. My experience with shows that start really fast is that they run out of gas around the middle of the season. I'll keep you posted.#
Is President Trump a white supremacist?#
Thanks once again to the great Jonathan Chait at NY Mag for explaining why Bernie Sanders is still selling unicorns. Uncle Bernie is the worst hand-waver anywhere. #
Why I hate the press. They say oh Hillary why don't you shut up. Just go away. No one wants to hear what you have to say. But, hey Steve Bannon, that was great, can we have more. Haha you wear two shirts. We're smart, we saw that. We're funny, we have a great sense of humor. Never mind you've heard us say shit about Hillary for years, and we're kind of fascinated with Steve Bannon. #
How shocked the press are that Russians could plan events on Facebook for Americans in Idaho. What could possibly have stopped them? To stop that from happening, FB would also have to stop regular people from organizing using FB. You can see the problem with that hopefully.#
One thing I don't understand wrt North Korea. What if the US said to China and Russia and everyone else, fuck you, you guys deal with them. We're standing down. If North Korea wants to blow us up, go for it. But as soon as they launch their missiles at us, we will launch ours at Moscow and Beijing. Deal with it. And btw, fuck you.#
Work on Scripting News for some reason always gets dicey. That's why I've been shy of working on it for all the years. But I have to keep coming back to it. It's by far the most popular thing I have going on the net. Investment here is more productive than elsewhere. In any case, the problems are solved for now. We have tabs. The sidebar is gone, so we have scrolling with arrow keys again. Now I'm going to work on something else for a while!! Happy. ☀️#

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