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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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Warren Buffet bet on an index fund over a managed fund, and he was right, he's winning the bet. I even understand why, as I've bet the same way more or less. Governments are judged by two prices: gas and stock. If gas is down and stock is up, the president wins re-election. So guess what. Gas stays low and stock goes up. It's like free money, basically. Until there's a war or a bubble burst. But most of the time you just make money with an index fund. Now you have the secret too. 🍎#
If Kim Jong Un is Rocket Man, who's the Madman Across the Water?#
I wondered why people cared about Sean Spicer having his "brand" redeemed by being allowed to make an appearance at the beginning of the Emmy award ceremony on Sunday. I don't think his brand was helped or hurt. I think it's all mixed up with Melissa McCarthy's parody. Spicer will forever be a punchline. Some things probably will never matter. This imho is one of them. #
If you think making others feel your pain is going to ease your pain, you're mistaken, and wasting effort. It just makes them tune you out. #
I listened to five minutes of the president's UN speech, expecting to be horrified, but I thought it was good. But only five minutes.#

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