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Sunday, September 24, 2017
My next project, if all goes well, is to release example source that shows how to hook into the same flow of events that Instant Dave does in a browser-based JavaScript app. Not sure what if anything will become of it, but maybe it's possible to hook WordPress up to this, or anything else for that matter. Never know when a standard might take root. 🚀 💥#
Kneeling during the anthem is a mild form of protest given what Trump is doing. There are no checks and balances to stop him from firing missiles. Even climate change and repealing health care are insignificant threats compared to nuclear war. #
Because of a piece in the NYT yesterday, people on the net are crapping on programmers, and I don't think very many, if any, have any idea what we do. I even unfriended one person because it's just too fucking offensive. People lose it when it comes to this topic. Yes we are mostly men. And we work really hard to do stuff to please you. And if you want to help I'm pretty sure most programmers will create plenty of space for you to do that. I certainly will. We're mostly nice people. Yes there are assholes. But there are asshole women too. But for god's sake the programmers aren't in general the sexual harassers. We're fairly meek people. So stop shooting with such imprecision. Focus on the problem. #
If HRC were president, 3 million citizens wouldn't be forgotten.#
People don't get something very basic about the United States. Our system gives very limited power to elected leaders. What's left is what we call freedom. When the president tells us how he wants to be worshipped, that's a president who has gone way too far. We have to find out what the "or else" is. What happens if the people don't walk out of the stadium when the players take a knee. It's one thing when he bluffs a foreign country and they know it, but now he's bluffing us. #
Try listening to people you disagree with, not dismissing. The problems will never be resolved until everyone does.#
This could be bad design, not a stupid user. ;-) #

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