It's even worse than it appears.
Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Dale Hansen, an eloquent American veteran about protest. 👏 #
Here's the RSS feed for my Electric Pork-generated threads. Interesting how many are two tweets long. 280 chars, not 140. Believe me, in my process, I start writing in Twitter, try to make it fit in 140, and only when it won't, do I edit it in Electric Pork.#
Would you contribute to an IndieGoGo-style campaign that created a fund that would be given to Trump the day after he resigns.#
BTW, Trump's NY fundraiser last night completely screwed up midtown traffic. They had Broadway and 59th St closed. Can you imagine. Those are pretty major thoroughfares. All so El Presidente can raise money for Repubs. Very very very far from win-win. #
Coming clean, I point to Political Wire and TPM summaries of stories on NYT, WaPost and CNN so I don't drive traffic to their paywalls and to autoplay video that autoplays. It all keeps getting worse. I pay myself for the NYT, but still have to wait for ads to complete before I can read the stories I paid to read. Overall I'd much rather point to the original reporting. This is part of the malaise around web-based news. Just a part. It seems to me it has to be a fun and rewarding experience without gotchas before it can ask for money. #

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