It's even worse than it appears.
Monday, October 2, 2017
Journalism people say Google is bad at journalism. I must be missing it but why don't they fix it and get Google out of their business. They don't feel they're responsible for anything, not even what they do. Of course Google sucks at journalism. What Google does the best is keep a huge network of computers running against unbelievable attacks from everywhere. The bad guys must always be trying to knock them down. Yet their servers are reliable and run fast. That's what they do best. Everything else is so-so. #
Well it's all right, even if the sun don't shine. #
Today's gun tragedy is different because the victims were probably mostly white and they were probably well-distributed from all over the country. This one more than most is an American tragedy. #
This was the vision for the worldoutline software. You could think of this document as a site or this site as a document.#
I wish blogs could have the concept of required reading for the people who read the site. If I were permitted to require you read something, it would be this episode of the Planet Money podcast about how Russia used fake news to fight and win its war with Ukraine. They haven't rolled in the heavy artilery in the US yet. It would be great if we could all get out in front of it, a little. Russians use the net much more effectively than we do, to (I kid you not) wage war with the US. But we are so confused we don't even know we're at war. Listen. #
I'm still using a CNAME for the roots of domains and wondering why it works. I opened it as a new issue on the Scripting News repo. Let's find out. Also sent a link to the people at Hover. #
I'm still repairing sites, and finding old work I did. For example, here are two experiments I did with opacity. I remember how eye-opening this was for me, figuring out how a lot of the special effects on the web work. I ended up using this in a bunch of different places. For example, the purple poundsigns on this blog aren't full opacity. It always bothered me how disruptive they are. Drop the opacity and they aren't so visible. #
For the 18th time I rescued Hopefully this time it sticks. #

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