It's even worse than it appears.
Sunday, October 8, 2017
The Second Amendment doesn't say anything about using a gun to protect your family from burglars and home invaders. 👈 #
Another fantasy house. Imagine how much 💰 in the Bay Area. #
I watched the gun "debate" on CNN this morning and had to turn it off. So much shouting and interrupting, slogans and distractions. The gun advocates have it down, they can stop anything from being seriously discussed. On CBS they did a better job, with two advocates, Diane Feinstein and Wayne LaPierre, who were not on a panel and thus no one could interrupt. A much more useful format. On an issue like this, where many of us feel the wounds (I walk on streets with lots of windows every day), it hurt me physically to hear people treat the subject so casually. #
Still no one has an answer why it should be possible for one person to shoot 600 people before being stopped. It's as if we made it legal for people to drive tanks on city streets. #
In the aftermath of the NYT story about Harvey Weinstein, and the fact that it was common knowledge in the movie industry that he was an abuser, suppose you were one of the people with that knowledge. What were you supposed to do with that? #

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