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Tuesday, October 10, 2017
10-minute podcast on Harvey Weinstein, in two parts, two stories. Please listen generously and be kind in your criticism. #
Video of the destruction in the California fires. #
It's a good time for one of the universities to have a one-day training for reporters on how Facebook ads work. How to use the software. Let's get in front of the problem before news makes another mess like the one with Hillary's email. #
If you find yourself saying someone else must shut up, you're very likely wrong.#
Carl Sagan used to say that humanity is the cosmos becoming self-aware, coming to "know itself." I always thought that was a super elegant idea. Well, Bob Corker saying the White House is adult day care is, in a similar way, the United States deciding to know itself, to tell itself the truth. Now reporters can quote him, saying what they could easily have said before, and imho should have. News has become news for lawyers. They're all trying to prove what's obvious, that we're reeling and teetering and sputtering on the edge of a cliff, with a guy juggling nukes in both hands and while they're in the air tweeting insults at everyone and anyone. It's as if Don Rickles and Joan Rivers were running the world, and they weren't just comedians. #
SQL question: When I say a value is varchar (255) does that mean in every row it takes up 255 chars in the database? #
Jon Stewart on Trump with Colbert. The best. #
Yesterday I did an interview with Brian McCullough of the Internet History Podcast. We talked about many of the things you'd expect. When we got to podcasting, I realized his was exactly the kind of podcast I hoped would emerge when we did the work in the early-mid 2000s. Something that starts out as a hobby, a passion, an idea, and develops into real media with regular listeners. A weblog for the ears is what I called it back then. I'll let you know when the interview is available. #
BTW, you want to know how disgusted I was with Maddow? I switched stations to watch the Yankees in the playoffs. I might have to get my head examined. The Yankees won, btw. And oddly enough I find myself rooting for them (really need to see a doctor). Why? Well Cleveland is favored to win it all this year. And I love to see the favorites get knocked off their perch. Same reason I pull against the Warriors. That the Yankees are underdogs now doesn't really mean that I don't hate the concept of the Yankees. I do.#
Another BTW, Brian thought, like virtually everyone I meet, that I am a Brooklyn boy. Not so. Why do they think that? Wikipedia incorrectly states that I am a Brooklyn native. I was born in a hospital in Brooklyn, that much is true. But I grew up in Queens. First in Jackson Heights, and then in north Flushing (near Whitestone and Bayside). Ask anyone from Queens in that era if they came from Brooklyn (as I said on the podcast) and you're likely to get a (virtual) punch in the nose. And that, my friends, is where my hatred of the Yankees comes from. These days you see people wearing Yankees hats in Queens, but not when I lived there. #

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