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Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Braintrust query: In SQL do updates accumulate or overwrite? #
BTW, if you're a regular reader of this blog, you can and should call me Dave. I don't like fancy names. I'm kind of a beatnik. And when you call me Mr Winer I am reminded I never got a PhD and that makes me sad. But I get over it quickly. 😐#
We hear a lot re men mistreating women. Here's some gender balance. #
What happens when a tornado intersects with a fire. #
Reporters of all people should have open minds and be good at listening. But I find it's the opposite. It's a very closed world. I've had a little taste of it from the inside when I wrote for Wired a bunch of years ago. It's not a good thing for a profession that depends on listening.#
I'm going to be in Boulder on Saturday night, if anyone wants to get together for dinner, or drinks. I remember there's a pretty good Mexican place with Margueritas. If you're doing a Boulder startup, tell me about it. I did office hours in 2008 in Boulder with Techstars it was a lot of fun. We can talk about Node, browser-based apps, how to save the world from Trump, you know the usual stuff. 🚀 💥#
So, I just signed up for Caviar. They deliver Shake Shack in my neighborhood. And I found out they also deliver Momofuku. I'm hooked. Then ten minutes later I get an email from offering a 15 percent discount if I order today. You think they have a spy?#

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