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Thursday, October 12, 2017
Braintrust query: Error handling in mySQL package in Node. #
Little Outliner tip: If you keep LO2 open all day every day, when you start work in the morning, reload the page. There's some kind of performance issue in the app that causes it to get slow if you leave it running too long. Reloading the page is the same as quitting and relaunching an app. Fargo didn't have this issue. I must be doing something differently, but I don't know what it is. Still diggin!#
A message to people who are angry at Twitter. #
It seems to some, all men are responsible for the worst of men. It's analogous to blaming all Muslims for the acts of "Muslim" terrorists. It's one of the reasons I talk about "Christian terrorists" -- to make the point that it's a form of racism to connect a religion to the acts of murderers. So perhaps, instead of talking about "men like Harvey Weinstein," try "rapists like Harvey Weinstein." That would help. #
BTW, I look like Harvey Weinstein. So I realllllly resent it when people say he looks a certain evil way. Please. The awful stuff isn't on the surface. That's why body shaming is the worst thing. And it applies to men too. #
It's a good time for the closing monolog in Killing Them Softly.#
Idea for a new social net: Last night Doc Searls was in one of my dreams. I don't remember what we were doing. But it was nice to see him. What if there were a place I could go to record that event. And what if by chance Doc recorded that I was in his dream last night. Then we'd know there was some kind of cosmic connection. How would we know if we don't have an app for it? 💥#
I see parallels in the way people attack Twitter today and the way the music industry reacted to Napster in 2000. The great thing about Napster was that ALL the music was there. And it sort of had an API. It could have developed into a music operating system. But it was attacked, and broken into pieces. And once that happens you know they almost never come back together. #

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