It's even worse than it appears.
Friday, October 13, 2017
JY is helping with yesterday's query. 2nd opinion(s) sought.#
A Twitter thread I wrote without benefit of Electric Pork. Freestyle. I think it's pretty good. It starts out like this: "Twitter users who think you are a customer. You are not a customer. You are the product."#
I knew when I saw the web that's what I had been born to do. Just because people want to use Facebook doesn't change that simple fact.#
The last phone booth in Manhattan, possibly.#
One thing's for sure, if we want to have a chance to survive we're going to have to start seeing the good in each other.#
Yes indeed NYT, Silicon Valley is not your friend but the open web is. As often is the case, corporate media has trouble seeing anything but corporate tech. But before there were tech companies, there was the web, which sprung from academia. It instantly wiped out the business models the tech industry had for networking, all of which were designed to lock users in. It took a couple of decades for Silicon Valley to re-establish lock-in, at least partially because news let them take over their distribution system. It may not be too late for the open web, but it needs a lot of help. #
Michelle Goldberg writes about sexual harassment. She has only experienced it once, in college. Her theory, she has only worked in organizations with women at the top. That fosters an environment of respect. #

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