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Monday, October 30, 2017
So, in the Internet History Podcast, I talked a bit about the idea of "working together," and somewhat unfairly used Marco Arment as an example of someone who wasn't receptive to my new ideas. I recorded this 10-minute podcast to explain what I had in mind, generally, not about specific products (it was a long time ago, the opportunity long-since passed). Most of the time when you knock on the door saying here's a free idea, people think you want something. But sometimes it goes somewhere and that's when really interesting stuff happens. This is worth talking about. #
I was up late watching the fantastic World Series game betw the Astros and universally hated Dodgers. Today I've been beating a new app into submission, with good results. Also the Knicks were great last night. We have some really tall players and as a result the defense is kind of working. It's a surprisingly good team, and fun to watch. #
One thing people don't get is Trump's real business is money laundering. That's what all those Trump towers are. Laundered money.#

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