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Wednesday, November 1, 2017
A question about emoji short codes. I want a simple JavaScript function that takes a short code like :shrug: and turns it into the corresponding emoji character that is maintained, so when more emoji characters are added, corresponding short codes are added. It seems this must exist, but if it doesn't it should. 🚀 💥#
Welcome to November! It's time to sign up for ObamaCare if you live in the US. Spread the word. #
Okay up front this isn't meant to be a funny or ironic post. I ride the bike path where the terrorism took place yesterday. It's one of my three favorite rides. It was cold yesterday, and I had an errand to do on the east side, so I walked instead of riding. But I know the path well, esp the segment where the truck driver mowed down the pedestrians and cyclists. But here's the thing -- there weren't supposed to be any pedestrians there. It's a bike path. There's a much nicer walkway about 50 feet west of the bike path, right on the Hudson River. Cyclists aren't allowed there. I love that segment of the walkway, in fact it's often my turnaround spot, where I stop, take in the scene, sometimes even take a picture. But please walkers and runners, stay in your space and we'll stay in ours. #
Trump is an idiot.#
Something else to note re yesterday's terrorism. Look at how lovely the city is by the river. There used to be an ugly eyesore of a highway where the park and bike path are now. Yes there's a small amount of violence, but actually much less than there used to be. Net-net the urban experience in the US is much-improved. To people in flyover country who hear how our cities are hellholes, Fox accidentally broadcast some evidence to the contrary yesterday. Ooops. :shrug:#

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