It's even worse than it appears.
Thursday, November 2, 2017
Watched the first three episodes of Mindhunter, it's reallllly good. #
Good morning sports fans and congratulations to the Houston Astros and condolences for fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers. I have some suggestions for the Dodgers, but they'll wait until a proper period of grieving has taken place. Just know that it involves an apology and a retirement. And you might want to consider a new stadium. It worked wonders for the Mets after our stadium was defiled by the hated evil Yankees.#
I think it's funny (in a sad way) that journalists have discovered that social media was exploited by Russians to screw with our system of government. Facebook is to blame. They should have known! But where were all the hard-charging investigative journalists during the campaign? They were taking the bait from Russians about Hillary's email. And Access Hollywood was soooo salacious. Ask if The Clintons are corrupt a few thousand times, and the question becomes moot. So now we're stuck with the NRA in the White House and WW III looming. Our whole system needs to have the money taken out of it. Until it is, journalism is in no position to point the finger. #

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