It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday, November 7, 2017
It's a good night for the U.S. Blues!#
Boring politicians are the best. Just do your jobs, help the people, and shut the fuck up. That's the lesson of Trump.#
Poll: Which is more revolutionary? 280-char tweets or Animoji?#
Many of the great things we have invented will not be discovered until long after we are dead.#
A change any publication could make that would quickly give lots of new ideas. If you have a public editor he or she should be a member of the public, not a journalist.#
Giving the finger to authority is the most American thing there is.#
What makes this so funny: everyone knew exactly what it was about.#
A gentler analogy for why I so despise Google's plan to rid the web of HTTP. It's as if I recorded on vinyl. Got really good at it. I have a huge collection of titles, converting them to digital would be completely diseconomic, and a very poor use of my time, and further I'd only be doing it to install Google as the owner of the web. We saw how well that worked for RSS. So no thank you. Go ahead and remove all the audio players that know how to play my 33 and 1/3 recordings. And I'll curse your name every night as I drift off to sleep, as Arya Stark does. #
Best. Tweet. Ever.#
Spoiler from The Crown, so beware. One of the threads in Episode 9 is Churchill sitting for his portrait at age 80. At the end, he sees it and is outraged. The artist has one of the best speeches about life I've ever heard. Basically, Sir Winston, you're not angry at me, you're angry at life. I know the feeling. I prefer to walk through the world in my spacesuit of a body. No point looking at it, it's just my protective layer. But when I do catch a glimpse, I have the same reaction as Churchill. BTW, the acting is superb. I rate it 4 out of 5 stars, which for me is a very high rating indeed. #
One of my takeaways from the Newsgeist conference is that the current journalism leaders will not try to own their own distribution independent of Facebook and the rest of tech. So I will give up on trying to convince them it is necessary to compete. Uncle. However I willl keep my eye out for journalism upstarts, hybrids of editorial and tech, who want to upset this cart by producing a superior news experience, independent of silos. Happy to help if serious. #

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