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Wednesday, November 15, 2017
A quick demo of a new hotlist feature. #
New BingeWorthy feature -- a standalone hotlist page, it does not require login. #
Hotlist notes. What is I, Claudius? Highly rated. Never heard of it. Nice to see my favorites being highly rated. Some exceptions. Fargo is #20, Silicon Valley is #47. Six Feet Under one of my #5's is rated 2.8. Bojack is #77? That can't be right! And Star Trek Discovery, which I have not watched, that everyone raves about is #98. It's still very early, but some programs have as many as 60 votes. Top 5: The Wire, Breaking Bad, Claudius, West Wing, Band of Brothers. #
This is how Republicans make love. #
A story I like to tell. At Living Videotext, our first office was a dark room in a former church on San Antonio Road in Mountain View. The church is gone, the land is probably now part of a Google sub-campus. It was kind of a slum of an office, but it worked, it got us to the next stage, a suite of offices on Elwell Court in Palo Alto, near the golf course and airport. The problem with the first office was that the windows didn't open and I was a smoker and they let you smoke in offices back then, even if the windows didn't open. So we made sure that the Elwell Court office had windows that opened. It was our top feature request. Then, we kept growing, and the next office was a standalone building on Charleston Road in Mountain View. By then we had forgotten about the windows opening, and as soon as we moved in realized oh shit the windows don't open here. #
The moral of the story. We elected Obama to fix the economy that Bush broke. We, collectively, forgot. So we elected someone even worse, who is proceeding to break the economy even more. We're going to need someone better than Obama to fix it, if it's possible. Also, don't expect the next president to be like Trump. It doesn't work that way. He or she will be total Establishment. A real intellect. Not flamboyant or a narcissist. He or she will have other flaws, that we will have by then forgotten to watch out for. #

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