It's even worse than it appears.
Saturday, November 18, 2017
New version of Electric Pork for Mac supports 280-char tweets. #
What if Zuck's PhDs wrote him a memo, saying that unless Facebook disappears immediately it's a virtual certainty humanity will self-destruct, within days. What would Zuck do?#
Twitter poll: "Any gender, have you ever done anything sexual that you're now ashamed of?"#
Timothy Snyder says that America defeated itself in the 2016 election.#
Earlier this year I decided to revert my blog to its original (1990s) format and not try to fit it into Facebook, Medium or Twitter's models. It's working nicely. I feel no urge to go back, esp since Twitter expanded to 280.#
When you see someone online doing or saying something outrageous, consider the possibility they work for an Internet research center in St. Petersburg.#

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