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Friday, November 24, 2017
Good morning. I just did a switchover of my CMS. Hopefully all the pieces still fit together as they did before. #
Bert Cooper: The Best Things in Life are Free.#
I'm working my way through Godless. It's nice, but so far, three episodes in, it's not as great as the reviews say. I'd say it's about 3/5th of Deadwood, which came first, was more depraved, and more entertaining. That said I was just in the part of the country that it's about, southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. I think it was filmed there too. And this gives me a clear picture of what's next for BingeWorthy, a diary, a place where I can take notes about programs as I work through them. #
Godless may not be a masterpiece, but it is bingeable. Not all shows are. I find myself looking for excuses to stop working so I can get to the next chapter of Godless. They got me to care about the characters. That's the basic thing about bingeable shows. They get you to care. #
Lovely. A neighbor is doing construction in a nearby apartment. It sounds exactly like a dentist's drill. And it's intermittent. At least when you're at the dentist you know when the drilling is going to start. (Update: I found that putting on my Bose headphones helps a lot. Hard to believe the noise cancelling function is working. The drilling seems very far away. Only downside is I can't hear my fingers on the keyboard.) #

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